Medical Technologist Job Description Sample

Medical Technologist Job Description Sample

Medical technologist job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Medical Technologist, which is also known as Medical technicians are integral part of almost every medical diagnosis. Most of the diagnosis comes from blood tests or tissue samples, and medical technicians have carried out these tests. Most medical technicians work in hospital laboratories and use complex medical testing equipment. It takes university degree and a strong scientific focus to work in this profession.

Medical technicians analyze samples of blood, tissues and body fluids for chemical composition, number of cells, medication level or blood group; they can also look for specific microorganisms such as bacteria or parasites. Preparing samples for inspection, automated equipment and special equipment, conducting complex tests at a time and correctly interpreting the results are all the work of a medical technician

Whether in a medical center or independently in the management of a laboratory, medical technicians often work with contagious specimens. To minimize these risks, infection control and sterilization protocols must be followed. Medical technicians should expect a lot of work in the laboratory. Hospital workers often work irregular hours or participate in emergencies.


Medical technology must have at least a bachelor’s degree in science.

They must have a basic understanding of the scientific laboratory programs, including the use of laboratory equipment and the preparation of laboratory test reports. Many first acquire associate’s degree in science, then work as medical technicians to assist the medical technologist in entering the discipline and gaining experience. Medical technicians who hope to promote laboratory managers and those who want to work in specific areas for the study of liquids and tissue need to obtain a master’s degree.

Other important skill: Documentation Skills, Information Analysis, Chemical Technology and good maintenance of equipment.

Medical Technologist Responsibilities:

  • Determination of normal and abnormal components of body fluids by chemical analysis of blood, urine, spinal fluid and gastric juices.
  • Analyze the blood cells by counting and identifying cells using microscopic methods and procedures.
  • Prepare a blood type and compatibility tests for blood, plasma and platelet transfusion.
  • Provide calibration of analyzers, spectrophotometers, colorimeters, flame photometers and other laboratory equipment; fulfillment of preventive maintenance requirements; according to manufacturer’s instructions; malfunction requiring repairs; equipment maintenance; evaluation of new equipment and techniques.
  • Maintains list of laboratory equipment by checking inventory levels to determine the inventory, anticipating the necessary supplies, placement and acceleration of delivery orders, checking delivery receipt.
  • Maintain laboratory resources by using the equipment necessary to achieve work results.
  • Provides medical technology information by answering questions.
  • Compilation, analysis and collection of information on technological findings.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by participating in workshops, review of professional publications, creation of personal networks; participation in professional associations.
  • Maintains inter and departmental work round through the promotion of the spirit of co-operation.
  • Maintain a safe and clean working environment by following procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Protect patients and workers by following infection control measures and hazardous waste policies and protocols; after the identification procedure.
  • Keeps the patient safe and protects the hospital while keeping the information confidential.
  • Contributes to teamwork by delivering relevant results as needed.

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