Management Consultant Resume Sample

Management Consultant Resume Sample

Here is a sample of management consultant resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a management consultant, business consultant, and graduate consultant.


Management consultants are basically assigned with the responsibility of providing the expert and skilled advice to their clients for the sake of increasing business growth and creating the value of the business. They are concerned with the strategy, management, and structure of an organization. They can provide the best solution regarding management issues to their organization and identify that what can be good in the interest of an organization.

  • He is responsible for setting and managing the budget and he has to ensure that regular forecasts are being made.
  • He has to work with all the people in the managing team.
  • He is responsible for managing different programs and projects
  • He has to ensure that the services required by his client are getting fulfilled.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Management Consultant Resume

Following skills should be the part of personality of a management consultant,

  • A successful consultant should be motivated and quite disciplined.
  • His communication skills should be excellent so that he could convey his thinking and ideas to the people.
  • He must have analytical skills. He must have creative skills too. A creative person can lead his organization to the highest place. He can earn the best position for himself too in the society if he is creative enough.
  • He should be organized and he must be able to plan each and every schedule well.

Management Consultant Resume Sample

Natti Nat

[Street, City, State, Zip] I [Phone] [Email Address]


Versatile, results-oriented Management Consultant with extensive experience in Fortune 500 corporations. A leader with demonstrated expertise in training design and delivery, evaluation, testing, organization development, management, marketing, project management, and performance improvement. Collaborative management style, encouraging individuals to set and achieve high standards of performance.


  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Adept at researching and streamlining business processes
  • Skilled in developing effective working relationships with staff, management, and clients
  • Strong analytical, listening, and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent analytical, numerical, communication and people skills
  • Self-starter, confident, critical thinker, and honest person


ABC Co., Ltd. Toronto (2015 – Present)

Management Consultant

  • Meet clients, gather and compile data, and perform analysis to find problems.
  • Review financial reports, and company databases and correct policies and procedures.
  • Bridge communication gap between management and employees.
  • Identify reason for resentment among employees and find solutions.
  • Listen to woes of employees and present them in a convincing manner to the management.
  • Motivate production and sales and marketing teams in improving productivity with quality and sales figure.
  • Identify and evaluate business growth opportunities for management.

ABC Co., Ltd. Toronto (2007 – 2014)

Management Consultant

  • Designed a global CRM strategy in support of New Business Model and Customer Engagement Strategy. Lead the team to deliver customized CRM roadmaps.
  • Led a team to design and implement a data model for Customer Experience Data, in support of the global CRM initiative.
  • Assessed service strategy and related process and skill development requirements.
  • Implemented service reporting, change management and other training programs.
  • Coached staff and leaders on change management fundamentals.
  • Advised senior management of revenue-generating service report process developments and revisions.


MBA (Business Management), 2004
University: American University, Washington, DC

BBA (Management and Computer Science), 2007
University of Ohio Ohio

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***This is only the management consultant resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon. 

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