Professional Maintenance Manager Resume Sample

Maintenance Manager Resume Sample and Required Skills

Maintenance Manager Resume Sample – Maintenance Managers work varies according to the size and function of the facility for which they work. Normally, they supervise the installation, repair and maintenance of the property of the employer, including machinery, mechanical systems, buildings and other structures. Maintenance managers delegate tasks to subordinates, painting and repairing dry stone walls to more complex activities, such as electrical work, heating and air conditioning.

Maintenance managers may have to take over administrative responsibilities also. Some employers look for managers who are familiar with the economic aspects of maintenance, including the budgetary costs, negotiating contracts with products and services employment.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Maintenance Manager Resume

  • With extensive experience in the control and maintenance of entrusted property maintenance, to ensure that all maintenance is handled efficiently over time.
  • A strong balance sheet with the effective conduct of inspection facilities to ensure proper and determine the needs of repair and maintenance.
  • Coordination depth of regular and emergency repairs and ensure that systems and equipment for fire protection are constantly under control.
  • The ability to monitor all activities within the maintenance department to ensure that they are managed in the budget.
  • Focused on the monitoring and implementation of the program installation of equipment to follow safety regulations and protocols.
  • Suitable for adequate formation of technicians to ensure that the objectives of maintaining the company met consistently.

Maintenance Manager Resume
Lead Maintenance Resume Example

Jacques M. Singleton
[Street, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email]


Responsible and reliable maintenance manager that can manage the functions and activities of comprehensive service maintenance. Very good at identifying all maintenance to emergency and has the ability to balance the needs of staff with the departments and operational expectations. A very talented communicator who displays good judgment, integrity, ingenuity, and professionalism of the staff at all times. His background provides for management of all skill maintenance. In addition to his technical skills, it has a long history of consistent decisions. Its core competencies include; Solution mechanical problems, analysis of maintenance, which eliminates downtime and reduced maintenance costs. Now wants to join a reputable company that is looking for people dedicated to supporting existing equipment.


  • Knowledge of modern techniques of maintenance.
  • Good understanding of the services heating, ventilation and plumbing.
  • Excellent knowledge of leadership, coaching and mentoring.
  • Promote an atmosphere of safety-conscious at work.
  • Maintenance budget management and cost control.
  • Knowledge of codes, laws and building regulations.
  • Committed to excellence.
  • I want to achieve and exceed the goals and business initiatives.
  • Solving problems in a timely manner.


Maintenance Manager – Feb. (2011 – Present)
XYZ COMPANY – Los Angeles, CA

  • Maintain a balanced team to cover the burden of maintenance.
  • Manage the maintenance contractor to ensure that their work is the highest work of professional hand and finished on time.
  • Interview, hire and train staff.
  • Develop preventive maintenance programs.
  • Perform workshop.
  • Repair boilers, heating, and ventilation.
  • Establish standardized protocols of work.
  • Monitor the use of spare parts and consumables for maintenance.
  • Monitor all issues customer service to a successful resolution.
  • Monitor all costs.
  • Prepare technical data.

Maintenance Manager – June. (2007 – Nov. 2010)
ABC COMPANY – Brooklyn New York

  • Provided strong leadership and technical expertise to maintain and continuously improve existing procedures.
  • Solved maintenance problems
  • Recommended measures to improve the conditions and operation of machines and equipment.
  • Recorded orders for tracking, spare parts and maintenance history of equipment and computer system.
  • designed manuals and documented to simplify the job for future maintenance.
  • Repaired / replaced equipment to ensure proper operation.
  • Oriented and guided maintenance and repair.
  • Oversaw the maintenance personnel and conducted opinion performances and technical staff.
  • Used a variety of techniques and guidelines to ensure a safe environment around the plant and space. Said that all workers maintain and follow safety rules and guidelines prescribed.
  • Recommended various methods of improving and expanding existing facilities.


  • Testing Team performance
  • Product improvements
  • Parts Inventory
  • Maintenance fleet
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Transportation equipment


  • IFMA: International Facility Management Association


University of Illinois
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Mechanical Engineering. 2006
Associate degree in Plant/Machinery Maintenance. 2004

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