Logistic Manager Job Description

Distribution and storage of any product as a whole is a difficult task to be one. Extreme efficacy and care are required to fulfill this job. A logistic Manager is a person who does that job, and you can have an idea about his role in the job description given below.

Logistic Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Logistic Manager

Degree: Bachelors in Business Administration or Marketing

Working conditions: He has to work mostly in the office but sometimes on the field as well which means he will have to travel to meet the potential clients. He will have to visit the inventory and stock stores and attend the sales, exhibitions, and events as well.


  • Must have a valid degree from a business school of Bachelors in Business Administration or Marketing
  • Must have an experience of almost three years as a Logistic Manager for any well-reputed company
  • Must be able to handle employees of different sections, assign them duties and overlooks them to complete the task as well
  • Must have excellent managerial and organizational skills to organize the storage and distribution of the goods of the company on time
  • Must have proficient communication skills to communicate with the staff working alongside him during the while storage, transport and distribution process
  • Must be able to handle the pressure of the work and achieve the deadlines
  • Must have an insight into the IT management system to make a record of the delivery of the goods, their cost, and other related information
  • Must be able to operate the computer software especially the statistical ones and the database of the company to make the client’s sheets
  • Must have analytical and observational skills
  • Must have brilliant interpersonal skills while dealing with the distributors, suppliers and the clients

Key responsibilities: 

We at CED and Co. are looking to hire a Logistics Manager for our branch in Bristol. We want a person who has worked as a Logistic Manager for a well-reputed company before. We want a person who has excellent analytical skills. He must be able to judge the situation immediately and make decisions accordingly. He must have excellent observational skills. He must be able to make sure that the product safely gets delivered going through the stages of production, transport, and the sale.

He will be actively involved in the processes of transportation, stocking of the goods, control of the inventory and the warehouse and sales of the products. So we are looking to hire a person who is physically fit to do the job as well. He will have to work flexible hours to meet the deadlines. He must be able to negotiate with the supplies and the customers. He must be able to make changes in the product plan accordingly. He has to set the targets and the objectives and reach them in the allocated time as well.

If you think you have the credentials to do this job with full efficacy and dedication, apply for it using out email address given below.

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