Line Cook Job Description Sample

Line cook job description -Learn how to write a good line cook job description to attract great candidates for this position. See examples.

A line cook is an individual who is responsible for preparing and spicing different kinds of foods, including vegetables, meat and soups, according to the prescribed recipe, to give the guest an incredible service.

The line cook uses a whole range of cooking methods to cut, grind and cook meat and vegetables, and also ensures the quality of the food that he/she is cooking.

The line cook role will also include replenishing service line when needed, cutting and displaying meat, fruit and vegetables.

This will encourage a culture of security in all areas of the workplace, including food safety, user safety, and team members’ safety.

To succeed in this profession, the line cook must commit to improving the steady acquisition of new methods of food preparation and sharing with customers and other team members.

The line cook will ensure the preservation of work environment, equipment and utensils.

He/she may be responsible for preparing special diets according to the established standard.

The line cook must have advanced qualitative skills to prepare daily food production needs for chefs.

Line Cook Job Description  – Line Cook Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

The following is an example of a suitable job description of a line cook, highlighting a list of the main tasks, duties and responsibilities of the job.

  • A line cook follows the quality recipe and standard and prepares various foods such as vegetables, poultry, meat and seafood by different cooking methods and equipment such as oven, chicken, fries and grill.
  • Maintain and manage assigned food stations and ensure the quality of served food
  • Review and physically see all the food being sent out of the kitchen and make requests for food items and stocks that are needed
  • Understand and adhere to company rules and procedures, cooking methods, standard meal sizes, cooking rules, and quality standards.
  • Inform food servers about ticket times and respond quickly and efficiently to guest orders and in a friendly way.
  • Keep, rotate, and adequately manage all food products in accordance with local, state, federal, and corporate guidelines and procedures.
  • Help with food preparation during a low activity period when needed
  • Ensure that the kitchen closes properly by following the checklist for closing the kitchen counter; also, help others close the kitchen
  • Participate and give suggestions for improving employee meetings
  • Perform other tasks assigned by the head of the service or chef

Line Cook Job Description  – Skills, Abilities and knowledge 

Important requirements include the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to succeed as a line cook that employers usually look for when they are ready to employ:

  • Ability to work in a stressful and dynamic environment without loss of anxiety
  • Professional culinary skills: The line cook must have an excellent knowledge of the professional cooking practice, including knives handling and food safety, team members and customers.
  • Knowing Recipe: You need to know the recipe well enough to prepare food varieties using different methods
  • Knowledge of federal, state and local regulations and processes related to food preparation and safety
  • Possess High School Diploma
  • Possess an approved food handlers certificate
  • Good communication skills: a line cook must be able to pass clear ideas and information to colleagues, servers, clients, and management without any misunderstanding.
  • Analytical skills: a line cook must be able to analyze a few rival options during work and make the best decision as quickly as possible

Line Cook Job Description