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Librarian Job Description –  Librarian is the most important position of any academic or public library. to maintains most of the works of the library.

Librarian is the most important position of any academic or public library. He/she is the person who maintains most of the works of the library. Though there are mainly two types of library, public and academic, but the work of the librarian is same in both cases. The main task of the librarian is giving different information to the library members. The information varies with the type of library. In an academic library, the librarian provides the essential books to the readers. The students may look for a variety of resources, and then the librarian ensures that the students are getting the necessary resources within a short time.

In cases of the public library, the person needs to manage different sections. He may handle all the stuff of the library. Also, in some cases, the librarian helps the authority to recruit employees.

There are some typical works of the librarian. Some of the common tasks of the person are selecting, developing, cataloging and classifying library resources according to the system of the library. Also, the person keeps the record of books in the computerized system of the library. For doing works in the automated system, he must have full command of the computer. Experience in library-related software will be an advantage for the position.

For starting the career as a librarian, the person should have a degree related to Management information system or library science. Also, sound knowledge of computer operating is a must.

Librarian Job Description Sample

Position: Librarian for Academic Library

Degree: Bachelor Degree Related to Information System or Library Science

Working Conditions: Has to attend the office regularly in time

Librarian Job Description – Qualifications:

  • Should have 1-year experience in the similar position
  • Should be able to manage the library stuff
  • Proper knowledge of information system
  • Good command of computer
  • Must have a clear concept of library science
  • excellent communication skills to interact with the students

Librarian Job Description – Key responsibilities:

We are looking for a person who will perform as the librarian in the central library of our college. The candidate must have a bachelor degree related to information science or library science.

The position is permanent and has to work with different resources of the library. As a librarian, you have to manage the whole system of the library. Such as, selecting books and categorizes them for the students, making demand paper for new books, etc.

You have to interact with the students of our college so that the students find their essential reference books easily. If the students are troubling to find enough resources, you will let the authority to know. You also have to make a monthly report so that the administration can take necessary steps for the library.

The candidate should have a professional attitude with the students. We want to provide the best facility in the library for our students. So, you need to be concern about this point.

We will provide the salary based on the policy of the college. Based on your performance, you will get increment in each year.

Librarian Job Description

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