Legal Secretary Cover Letter Sample

Legal Secretary Cover Letter Sample

Legal Secretary Cover Letter Sample – Working as legal secretary requires you to have certain administrative and professional skills. Sometimes referred to as an executive assistant, you will be performing many clerical functions that are associated with legal work. Not only will you have to answer phones, type, take dictation and so on but you also will have to have specialized training in several legal processes.  Legal secretaries must have excellent written communication skills because they are responsible for preparing legal correspondence and documents. You will be organizing and typing pleadings, briefs, discovery documents, subpoenas and motions. In addition, a legal secretary must be dependable and able to meet deadlines as required by law. Your computer skills must include a sound knowledge of MSWord (or similar program). As a legal secretary, you will be preparing spreadsheets that require an understanding of other software programs such as Excel. You must also be extremely organized because you will be scheduling depositions, site inspections, hearings, closings and meetings. Some legal secretaries are also asked to assist the legal staff in doing research and working directly with other lawyers, vendors and others.

Here are 7 quick, how to write a legal secretary cover letter tips to help you in your job search:

  • This step may require you to contact the organization in search of the person you want to write to. Do what you can to get the information you need because it will make a positive impact on the recipient.
  • The first sentence is crucial. Get it right and you make a good impression, giving you the opportunity to let your resume continue to market you as a valuable candidate.
  • A cover letter should be crisp, clear and concise. 3-4 short paragraphs give you plenty of space when you use it wisely. You want to make your cover letter attractive to read. Overloading the page with too much text and not enough white space is a definite no-no.
  • When marketing yourself as a potential employee, it’s never about you, but how you can help the company grow. You’ve got to focus on the value you can contribute to their organization. Be specific about what you bring to the table. Here’s where your research can really pay off in spades. Know what they want and present yourself and the valuable asset they’re seeking.
  • Let your passion and personality shine through. Convey your enthusiasm for the position the organization is looking for fill. This alone will make you stand out head and shoulders over many candidates. When you communicate an interest and passion for your work, people notice. It will open doors for you. Then when you do you the interview, they can see it for themselves.
  • Be proactive. Ask for the interview. Show that you mean business and that you want the job.
  • Thank your contact for their time and consideration. This shows respect and professionalism. Next, follow up on every contact and lead. It’s easy to let things slide and that’s what most people do. But keeping in touch demonstrates to potential employers just how far you’re willing to go.

Legal Secretary Cover Letter Sample


Dear Mr. Anthony,

I am sending you this cover letter and CV in regards to the position advertised on RESUMEEXAMPLES DAILY NEWS. Having read the advert, I would like to apply for the position of Legal Secretary.

I am capable and well educated legal assistant with 6 years experience. I am fluent in legal jargons and am capable of drafting letters on behalf of solicitors and writing up legal transcripts. I am also capable of scheduling court appearance for clients and liaising with court and police. I would really appreciate the chance to share my skills and enthusiasm with you.

I believe I am highly capable and experienced for this position. I previously worked at Olivia & Puyiie Associates, whilst in that position I learnt a lot about the role and I’m now ready to progress my career further.

Please find attached my CV, which I believe shows my suitability for the role. If you want to discuss my application, please call me on (222)-222-2222. I can take myself available for interview at a time convenient for you.

Yours sincerely,

Olivia Williams

**This is only the legal secretary cover letter sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.