Lecturer Job Description Sample

Lecturer Job Description Sample – Skills and Responsibilities

Lecturer job description– A lecturer is someone standing in front of a class and giving an organized lesson aiming to teach something. See more.

A lecturer is someone standing in front of a class and giving an organized lesson aiming to teach something. High schools and universities have many lecturers. Lecturer educate the audience, especially the university students

Lecturers plan and direct the study of university students on one or more specific subjects and conduct their research in these areas. They write and deliver lectures, design and supervise their studies and conduct research on topics that are closely related to their specialty. They also compile and mark essays, examinations and other coursework, provide students with advice on academic subjects, participate in meetings at places of study, schools or departments, and perform administrative tasks. They can also arrange and organize conferences. Lecturers work throughout the state.

Lecturer working condition

Lecturers work at universities, in lecture rooms and sometimes in an administrative office. Depending on their level of knowledge, they can also work in libraries, laboratories or research centers, and they can offer practical training in practice. They usually work during working hours, They can be used for full-time or part-time work. Full-time university lecturers usually work more or less on weekdays on campus, part-time faculty can study on campuses only during their teaching. Lecturers may also be required to attend conferences or other academic forums, to present presentations or conduct research

Where lecturers work

Colleges, universities and other higher education study centers. They  can also be self-employed.

Lecturer Job Description – Qualifications

In order to become a university lecturer, you usually have to complete postgraduate research within the chosen academic discipline. It usually requires a bachelor’s degree, followed by a Master’s or doctoral degree.

Institutions also examine the experience of past teaching, research or industry professionals. Your employment opportunities can be improved even if you have relevant industry experience, previous teaching or research experience, or if you have completed a postgraduate course


  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • Leadership and motivating ability
  • Organizational skills
  • Analytical and oral skills
  • Passion and dedication to teaching

Lecturer Roles and Responsibility

  • Coordinate of Lecture, seminars and tutorials
  • Design, preparation and development of courses and study materials
  • Develop and applying new teaching methods to reflect changes in research
  • Rate student coursework
  • Set up and mark the exams
  • Supervise students’ research, including recent student projects, master’s or doctoral degree
  • Check on your research team, which usually involves research assistants, doctoral and postgraduate students
  • Conduct individual research projects and actively contributing to the institution’s research work.
  • Write a research paper and make it for publication
  • Prepare to finance bids for various research projects in your department
  • Carry out departmental administrative tasks such as student receptions, induction programs and involvement in committees and boards.
  • Contribute to the organization of professional conferences and seminars in your field
  • Establish cooperative relations with other institutions, as well as with industry, business and public organizations
  • Involve in staff training activities.

Important duties to take note of as a lecturer

  • Get access to the latest version of your exam’s policy for your department
  • Instructions for students
  • Ensure that the exams are in a safe environment.
  • Make sure your script tags are properly stored in your department
  • Learn about the results of the exam and the correct recording of the final results of each student
  • Write scientific articles, papers and other publications
  • Read academic journals
  • Supervise doctoral and research staff
  • Manage research budget

*** For the resume sample of this postion job, let’s see Lecturer Resume

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