Professional Leasing Agent Resume Sample

This sample will show you how to write a job-winning leasing agent resume. Feel free to copy and edit for your job application.  The template can also applied for a leasing consultant position.


Leasing Agent helps people in renting housing in their desired location. Leasing Agent is mostly working for the community and property owners. They make sure that the units of apartments occupied throughout the year, using their marketing and advertising skills. Someone who is interested in working in this post must have a sales and communication skills. Also, it is also necessary to educate the agents of the law on fair housing and real estate license

Leasing agents are considered to be “medium” and create a bridge between the creditor and the debtor or properties. They must have excellent knowledge of all real estate and their operating parameters, and if they work in the long distance of the city, they also need to know the properties in the towns and surrounding areas. Working as a Leasing Agent, you must have an excellent understanding of customer service and property research related markets.

Working as a Leasing Agent requires you to be an excellent communicator. You must be able to bring the features of life, emphasizing its positive attributes and minimizing negative. You need to be extremely well-versed in handling comparisons between different properties to ensure that the market adapted to the specific tastes of each client.

In addition, working as a Leasing Agent you must possess knowledge of the laws of the foundation of the building, rules and regulations have to be very well endowed because you will do a lot of paperwork.

Skills List of Leasing Agent

  • Negotiation and persuasion to win customers and achieve success in tenders
  • Reliable confident and outgoing gain and reassuring manner
  • Commercial awareness and the ability to achieve sales targets
  • Excellent communication skills to establish contacts with a variety of professional contacts
  • Service access to keep customers happy
  • Determination, perseverance, and patience
  • Understanding marketing techniques in order to help the real estate market
  • Computer skills.

Leasing Agent Resume Example

Address and Contact Info

Career Objective:

Leasing Agent position in an apartment community where my years of experience will ensure that all units are occupied all year round by residents who own background and paying monthly rent regularly.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent customer service skills and sales expertise
  • Expert in office organization, account management, lease editorial and sales presentations
  • Property Management Master and achieve the sales target
  • Has a good reputation with media companies
  • Knowledge of current rental rates in different places in the city
  • Experienced interview potential tenants, according to the review of Apartments
  • Ability to handle maintenance and collect the rent
  • Knowledge of fair housing laws and valid real estate license container
  • Professional honest, competent, creative and sales-oriented

Work Experience:

Leasing Agent
ABC Properties, Quincy, MA
June 2013 – Present
Responsibilities and Duties

  • Advertising vacant houses in the newspaper and on the website of the apartment complex.
  • Congratulating, interviewing potential tenants and filter and perform background checks.
  • Recording telephone conversion and personal meetings with prospects.
  • Arranging a visit tour of the flats to tenants.
  • Talk to the residents of changes in the unit love.
  • Checking the property and fix related to plumbing, electrical, leaks, etc. difficulties.
  • Regularly collect rent and maintain a register of resident files.
  • Attending and resolving complaints of tenants.
  • Working with the landlord in the area of housing.
  • Keeping the rental property.
  • Change policy in the apartment complex, where appropriate.

Leasing Agent
XYZ Properties, Quincy, MA
October 2011 – May 2013
Responsibilities Handled

  • Helped the agency to meet up to 150 units of apartments, shops, and offices.
  • Participated in the tenant service requests and completed quickly.
  • Ensured that all maintenance work is carried out under supervision with great satisfaction.
  • Maintained regular communication with the property manager and maintenance supervisor.
  • Planned community and cultural programs for the entertainment of passengers.
  • Contributed to outreach marketing ideas.
  • Realization of market research and studied the competitive real estate agency procedures for work.
  • Kept up with changing Rentals laws.
  • Detailed records of occupied and unoccupied flats.


High School Diploma
ABC High School, Quincy, MA, 2009
Certified Leasing Agent

Reference: Available on Request.

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