Law Enforcement Job Description Sample

Law Enforcement Job Description Sample

Law enforcement job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Public security is the central tenant of the law enforcement officials. If you are interested in law enforcement, you may need to complete a specific training program for the agency, background check, and perhaps a certain amount of formal education. In this area, there are several different career options, which include research, supervision or patrol.

The main task of law enforcement officials is to protect the lives and assets of those under his jurisdiction, as well as to contribute to public safety. This career can include a variety of tasks, including directing traffic, patrolling suspicious activity areas and investigating criminal behavior.

Those who want to become law enforcement officials have several career options. Career options can be available as police officer and detectives. Police officers carry out day-to-day law enforcement activities, while detectives collect evidence and investigate crimes. Another option is to specialize in a particular area, such as working with a patrol harbor or a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT).

Job Duties

  • Review the applications to check that the zoning is correct for the type of use requested by a client.
  • Conducting research related to applications for business licenses.
  • Recommend the approval or rejection of the application.
  • Arranges for clerical staff to send denial letters indicating why the request was rejected.
  • Ensures that the necessary monitoring is carried out, including the actual verification of the site.
  • Visit organizations to discuss with applicants the steps needed to obtain a commercial license
  • Investigate, inspect and deal with alleged violations and complaints arising out of the law.
  • Enforces and issues tickets for non-compliance with the city laws.
  • Collect evidence, post charges, make a call, initiate other remedies and attend court.
  • Provides detailed information for prosecutors and other management controls under preparation for the court or security information for company reports written and prepared by the law enforcement and/or management.
  • Interpret and explain the laws, policies and regulations to the public and make suggestions and guidance.
  • Make recommendations based on policies, good judgment and legal principles.
  • Using the appropriate software applications.
  • Research information and gather evidence.
  • Answer the inquiries of other departments on customary laws.
  • Cooperates with other departments, agencies and levels of government based on the issue that is related to law.
  • Execute other tasks as needed.


  • Completion of the Community law school program in
  • Law Enforcement and Security or equivalent.
  • Possess current Class G driver license.
  • Knowledge of municipal zoning issues.


  • You will need to have the following:
  • Effective communication skills, including tactics and diplomacy to address sensitive situations;
  • Focus on the community;
  • Sense of personal responsibility, integrity and resilience;
  • Physically and psychologically capable of handling any challenge
  • Experienced in controlling mob and protect lives and properties
  • Capable of efficiently judging and calming the situation
  • Excellent eyes for details and strong research skills
  • Expert for arresting criminals and using weapons as needed
  • Excellent physical resistance and close combat
  • Experienced in using electronic communications devices and precision data transfer