How to Get a Job as a Fresh Graduate in Oil and Gas Sector


Job Vacancy for Fresh Graduate in Oil and Gas

Oil and gas jobs are one of the highest paid jobs we can find. Hard competition in the sector shows that as many recent graduates and even those already working in other sectors often compete for limited opportunities in the sector.

One of the biggest challenges for a fresh graduate is the level of work experience that oil companies often need. As a result, new school leaver finds it frustrating because they do not know how to begin acquiring the necessary experience.

But in reality you can still get the job you want in the oil and gas sector, even without much experience. The next steps suggested by employers and executives of multinational oil companies reveal how you can get a big deal in the oil and gas sector.

The ‘tension headache’ of most fresh graduates is getting a job. It becomes a “migraine headache” when all the jobs you see require a few years of experience. You really need to work to achieve this experience. How did you get a job without experience or how did you get the experience without a job?

Let’s look at these points together.

Get Acquainted with Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sectors

Discover and learn about recurring employment opportunities in the oil and gas sector, especially those you need. is the global search engine for oil and gas jobs. You can search by categories, keywords, and countries. Once you find a trend for job opportunities that interest you, go and take a personal look at the skills required for these roles. With this, you can find out if you need additional professional training that can help you increase your chances of getting such job.


When you follow the first step, you should be able to solve the type of company you are looking for and the company you want to work with. Next is to compile a list of target organizations and propose a strategy for accessing each of them. If you are currently engaged, write a letter of application and provide details of the job and specifications provided in the space in your letter. Let the letter show that you really read and understand the job offer. Also be sure to compile your resume based on a specific job opportunity, erase everything that is irrelevant to your profession.

job vacancy for fresh graduate in oil and gas

Create your LinkedIn profile

It is recommended that you have a LinkedIn profile if you do not already have it. This is another network platform. LinkedIn is not the same as Facebook or Twitter, although it can be used to create professional networks, but LinkedIn is strictly for professional development. After you set up your LinkedIn account, create your own profile to reflect your industry, skills, certifications, and experience gained so far.

Get to know your Professional Skills

Know what makes you different, what you like and what you do not like. Know what skills you have had to look at in your school or your extracurricular activities. This can be marketing, negotiating or leadership skills. If it is necessary to develop them, it is an opportunity to do so.

Your Personality is also Important.

Knowing how to connect with others and attract you to them is very valuable to some employers, such as marketing and sales. Many job vacancies on website have in their requirements interpersonal skills or relationships with users in their needs. Take time to look at vacancies and see what skills and what professional courses the employers want. That matches the picture. Investing in Personal Development On the other hand, some of us are not destined to look for a job, we are targeting entrepreneurs. Not everyone can work in a business environment.

Consider your Skills in your Resume to Improve them, do not Reduce them

You’ve acquired a number of excellent skills. It’s important that you pack them well into your resume. The content can be excellent and the packaging is unobtrusive. Make your content and packaging appealing. Put your skills, activities and achievements in an attractive way in your resume.

Acquiring Experience Through Internship Programs and Volunteer Activities

Most fresh graduates see their first year on the labor market as the period when they make money. Such, think about the salary instead of experience they need. This is a wrong perception. Look at your early years as a time for gaining experience and improving your skills. Take volunteer work and paid or unpaid internships. This will help you sharpen your skills. In this way, you understand that the labor market differs from the school environment. You must be prepared to survive in a very competitive environment.

Create work Samples

When you claim that you have knowledge in the field, create samples of your work. For example, you can create graphical or web designs, and you do not have a sample of your work. That does not speak of seriousness in you. Some patterns reflect current trends.

Network Informally with Those in a Position to hire you

Today it is easy to make informal contacts with those who can hire you. Talk to them about your interests and goals. They could be members of your family or friends. Find useful advice, and The Social Networks are also good platforms for sharing your ideas and creating networks. Join a website for quality jobs, such as

Prepare Yourself for an Interview

When you finally get an interview, you do not have to worry about the interviews in the oil and gas industry. As in other areas, there are specific questions that would be recursive in all interviews.

Will you graduate this year? Maybe you’re already working in the industry and is thinking about change in career? If you have good technical or commercial capabilities, why not consider entering the oil and gas industry?

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