Tips on Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers

5 Tips on Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers

Investment Banking Interview Tips

1. Rehearse for the Interview with Someone

Enough rehearsal will charge you up for the interview and build you up for the interview and for you to sound vibrant during the interview, you should have done enough rehearsal with someone good enough as a good interviewer. The person may be somebody within the bank you are applying with or have experience in investment banking. Also, if rehearsal is not possible, then you can be an imaginary interviewer. Interview and ask them questions relative to the post and get information regarding the company, as much as you could. It also helps if you do a lot of reading, researching and studying about the company and possibly get a profile of the interviewer/s.

2. Build a Good Relationship at First Sight

Immediately you set eyes on your interviewer, instantly offer a warmly handshake or greetings that will initially build up a relationship. During the course of the interview, try engaging in a lively conversation but not deviating from the context. Handle the interview like it’s a casual talk, letting your interviewer feel that the interview is being mutually enjoyed.

3. Be Good Listener

The interviewers have been briefed on the qualities of prospective employees that the company wants in their organization, so they will probably be talking about that indirectly. Listening to their every word and paying attention to details, will prove that you are very interested in being in their company. Answer questions based on their needs and sell yourself, this will make you the perfect candidate for the position.

4. Intriguing and Qualitative Self-Introduction

When introducing yourself, describe yourself in an intriguing but straightforward words that they will remember. They could forget your name, but they will always remember a catchy description. Describe your portfolio in their qualifications framework. It would be beneficial to mention any experience in your portfolio that speaks to your originality and credibility.

5. End Your Interview with Your Best Question to Ask

A positive response during the interview gives you a nice lead into your question. The question should be an interesting guide to show what you learned from the interview and how keen you are to join the company.

Likely Question to Be Asked

1. Can you tell me more about yourself?

It would be very good of you if you brief your interviewers a little about your background (where you grew up) but spend more time in briefing them about the experience and skills you have already acquired. This is usually the first impression that will count you worthy of the post you are applying.

2. What can you say about Discounted Cash Flows Analysis?

Discounted cash flows give analysis to the value of what the company is based on the present value of its future cash flow. Also knowing how to explain what this methodology is, you are expected to know each of these steps.

3. What makes you think we can hire you?

I’m sure there are other applicants that have the ability to do the job. But, along with ability, I am motivated to provide excellence. In every position I’ve held, my personality drives for excellence that has resulted in achievements. I have all skills, knowledge, idea and experience  you are looking for to take this position.

4. What do you know about this company?

An interviewer asking you this questions is just a way of knowing if truly you have the interest in their company and also to know if you have done all your assignment. Things you are expected to say should relate with the following;

Year the firm/company was established

Their mission statement

5. Who is the President and CEO of the company?

The firm will spend time asking questions to determine if your personality will mesh with the company’s corporate culture. Focusing more on your research about the firm and answering these questions correctly during the interview gives you upper hand during your interview. If you do not take the time to learn about the company, the interviewer will assume that you’re not fit to handle such position and you will be passed over in consideration for the job.

This is a very standard question but you would be surprised at the number of candidates that cannot answer the question. Another question big question is for you to describe the new product the company just launched. If you are unable to answer basic questions about the company, you will not be selected for the position.

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