Professional Investment Bank Resume Sample

Professional Investment Bank Resume Sample

Here is a sample of investment bank resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for an experienced investment banking, finance, investment banking director, as well as a private equity.

Job Duties

The investment banker is someone who works in a financial institution in business primarily to raise capital for businesses, governments and other entities, or work on the division of large banks involved in these activities, often referred to as investment banking. Investment banks may also provide other services to its clients, including advice on mergers and acquisitions, or advice on certain transactions, such as a split or reorganization. In smaller organizations that do not have a specific arm of investment banking, corporate finance personnel can perform the functions of investment banking.

The Role of the Investment Banker

All in all, an investment banker will save the company in question time and money by identifying the risks associated with the project before the company proceeds. In theory, an investment banker is an expert in his field, who has a finger on the pulse of the current investment climate, so that businesses and institutions rely on investment banks for advice on how best to plan their development of their recommendations for the current state of economic conditions.

Skills Required for Investment Banker

  • People skills
  • Sales skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to synthesize
  • Creative ability
  • Initiative

Professional Investment Bank Resume Example

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Professional investment experience with over 10 years of progressive experience in the banking/investment sector. The main areas of expertise: FX, Treasury and Capital Markets International, trade, management and implementation of policies, risk control, complex marketing, market segmentation, Creation and Syndication Bonds International private banking, financial planning and business development.

A strong and intelligent motivator and team player with good and effective leadership role, communication skills, decision making process, a great problem solver and interpersonal skills, together with a bottom-line corporate focus and a result driven attitude.

Have corporate vision proved to give the desired results through people empowerment and effective use of resources, processes and the history of technology. Proven ability to plan, develop and manage the investment portfolio of more than $ 37 million with a sharp focus on maximizing profits while maintaining appropriate levels of risk tolerance.


2007 Cognizant Certified Professional in Investment Management
2007 Cognizant Certified Professional Banking & Financial Services
2007 Licensed Financial Planner
2006 Licensed Investment Representative with Options
2003 Lincoln School of Economics, BSc Mathematics and Economics


BNY Mellon, New York City, New York
Senior Regional Director, Financial Risk Management and Control, 2010 – Present

  • Lead and manage all aspects of the development and implementation of the frontline and back office projects FX, derivatives and finance information system.
  • Oversee Strategic Framework for large risks Committee (market risk and trading), to lead the creation of guidelines and procedures, market risks highlight the risk of interest rates and (DV01) and risk volatility (vol, delta and convexity) on interest rate swaps reports, interest rate swaptions and options for currency.
  • Coordinate negotiating positions with 200 subjects on a daily basis for analysis and measurement of exposure in relation to compliance guidelines

Selected Achievements

  • Contribution of $3,000,000 savings in the commercial rate by identifying opportunities to track cheaters and trade with appropriate measures
  • Prevents potential $2 million to identify and report violations system
  • Presentation of the eight high-profile business for traders, resulting in a $11 million income

June – September 2010 Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst, Investment Banking Division

  • Acted as a junior analyst, working directly with senior analysts on those projects.
  • Provided a direct contribution to research for client presentations.
  • Analyzed the use of experienced team members in daily reports and commitments custom.
  • Built financial models and contributed to its implementation of Team members.
  • Created BRIC economy project with four trainees and presented them to the directors.

Selected Achievements

  • Contribution to the quarterly revenue of the organization has grown 500%
  • Other members of the team to provide quality customer service learning

Associate Director, Capital Markets, 2000 – 2008

  • Target market development initiatives for all management systems and structured derivative financial risks
  • 50 key customers involved are managed by government agencies, institutions and corporations
  • Increased market share on the market of oil products in five provinces / states
  • Management solutions provide institutional financial risk and corporate loans, including FRAs, FSA, interest rate swaps, currency swaps, interest rate and interest rate swaptions, cash and replacement of raw materials

Selected Achievements

  • Increase market share of 17% for the management of derivative financial risk / structured products
  • Increased profit margin of 8% for credit unions through structured products packaging solutions syndicated loans to borrowers for business transformation and risk coverage
  • Played a key role in the development of products to improve the performance of wealthy clients of private bank deposits made to improve short-term performance and structured CAD-MTNs
  • Instrumental in organizing a successful debut seminar on financial risk management in the organization, together with the State Bank and the State Administration of control Exchange (SAEC) for state-owned enterprises in Ontario
  • Developed and trained team of sales and trading of capital markets, which later became the No. 1 market maker in CAD convertibles and warrants to institutional clients and high net worth

References – Available upon request

***This is only the Investment bank resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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