Appealing Intern Cover Letter Sample

Intern Cover Letter Sample

Look over a sample of intern cover letter. Here are writing guides, including what to include and how to format. Feel free to copy-paste and edit for your job application.

As an intern, you might not have some much experience in your pockets, but still you have the skill and the talent to be able to do the job. Besides this, you are in the learning phase of your career, so it is not advised to list anything in the cover letter that you have not does not know anything about. You will look absolutely fine with this. If you have gained any certifications from your institution or from any other internship, list that in the cover letter. It is advised to tell something about you in the cover letter so that the employer can have an idea about your personality and style of working. Do not give any sort of explanation in the cover letter. Be simple and choosy with your words. Tell them what you have learned and how you are further going to carry this work along with the stiff that you are eager to learn.

Intern Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I came to know about your post from the local magazine and I would like to present myself for this post. I have been working as a research student at the University of Pennsylvania for my master’s thesis on Aspirin’s Effect on the Stomach. As you are looking for a community pharmacist, I would like to present myself for that. I have worked as an internee at Pharmacare Ltd. for 3 months.

During the internship, I came to know about the dispensing of the drugs. I know how to handle the prescription and dispense the medicament accordingly. I have an internship certificate from a pharmaceutical industry as well where I came to know about the making of the drugs.

Being a community pharmacist, I came to know about my role in patient counseling since all of them do not have an idea about the medication that they are taking and the adverse effects that can happen to them. Many patients do not have an idea about the administration of the drug so I can be pretty handy because I have done an internship in this case as well.

I have worked as an assistant to a diabetic consultant where I came to know about the counseling of a diabetic patient. I know how to handle the dispensing of the drug, software such as ABUZAR, MYSTAT, SPSS, MEDIC, and others that are employed in a community pharmacy for keeping a track of the drugs that are dispensed. I know how to make a patient profile to track of their medications so that they can be helpful in case if an emergency.

I am a passionate and motivated individual who will love to work in your company as a community pharmacist intern. I am eager to learn. I will be a handy intern as I am a team player.

You can contact me on my cell number or my email id which I have listed on my resume.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


**This is only the intern cover letter sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.