Insurance Sales Job Description Sample

Insurance sales job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The position of an insurance sales representative or agent is such a position that has to do with the promoting and marketing of the insurance firm in question. It can be likened to the role of a regular business personnel urging customers for patronage. Additionally, like the insurance agent, an insurance sales representative also serves in the capacity of the one who allays the fears of clients as regards their investments of goods, businesses and or properties in the insurance firm, with the notion that the investments are safe irrespective of unforeseen future situations.

Furthermore, while serving as an insurance sales representative, you would serve as the middleman between the insurance company and customers. This simply entails you reaching out to both new and existing clients for the sale of insurance. Your singular dexterous actions in the position of a representative or agent for insurance sales, would ensure that the insurance company you work for, experience an expansion of its clients’ base. And this would further set you up on the path to promotion.

What would be required of you as an insurance sales representative, would include the following:

  • Proficient skill in handling insurance business deals. This entails that it would be expected of you to successfully seal business deals with potential clients, such that in the discussion of business proposals, your persuasive skills should come into play and redirect clients back to the company, having given details of customer-friendly policies and alternatives which the company can offer. This singular skill of persuasion would help in retaining both old and new clients.
  • Besides being proficient in persuasion, you would be required to be decisive and make company friendly choices when it comes to business deals. You would be required to examine clients in details to determine if the risk is worth it.
  • You would be required to attend conferences and seminars, to keep yourself up to date on the latest path insurance policies are taking. All these you would have to keep to account and proffer them for implementation at the insurance company you work with.
  • It would also be required of you as an insurance sales representative, to possess a good analytical skill such that you can easily analyze prevailing circumstances and make the best of opportunities.
  • Your calculative skills would also be required such that there would be accuracy in the calculation of insurance packages, promotion, and marketing strategies for the effectiveness of profit and customer service.
  • You would be required to be dexterous in the handling of assignments for effective delivery. Hence, possessing multitasking skills would not be farfetched.
  • You would be responsible for attending to the needs, inquiries, and complaints of clients.

Besides all that is required of an insurance sales representative, another key factor that would aid in getting the job would be your qualification and experience, especially when it comes to the place of promotion and marketing. So basically, the higher you are in educational qualification and experience, the better your chances of getting the job and thriving in its requirements.

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