Hotel Manager Job Description Sample

Hotel Manager Job Description – Specific tasks and number of contacts with the client or staff vary depending on the size of the employer. See more.

Specific tasks and number of contacts with the client or staff vary depending on the size of the employer: hotel managers in larger organizations can be primarily office-based, whereas hotel managers of smaller establishments often have frequent contacts with customers and employees.

As a hotel manager, you will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the hotel and its staff. The hotel manager has several commercial duty which relates to budgeting and financial administration, planning, organization and supervision of all hotel services, which include front-of-house (reception, concierge, booking), food and beverage business and catering service and equally cleaning.

In large hotels, the managers often have a certain mandate (customer service, accounting, and marketing) and consist of a general management team.

Taking a strategic review and planning in advance to increase profits, the hotel manager must also pay attention to the details, setting an example to staff to provide standard service and presentation that meets the needs and expectations of the clients, enterprise management and the people which is equally important.

Hotel Manager Job Description Sample

Hotel Manager Job Description – Responsibility

The hotel manager duties differ base on the size and type of hotel, including:

  • Preparation and organization of accommodation, catering services and other hotel services
  • Promotion and business marketing strategy
  • Manage budgets and financial plans, as well as control costs
  • Conduct statistical and financial records
  • Establish and achieve the goals of sales and profits
  • Analyze sales data and design marketing strategies and revenue management
  • Hiring, training and supervision of staff
  • Plan work schedules for individuals and teams
  • Meet and welcome customers
  • Handle customer complaints and comments
  • Addressing problems and issues
  • Make sure events and conferences are going well
  • Supervising maintenance, deliveries, renovations and furnishing
  • Dealing with contractors and suppliers
  • Provide effective security
  • Perform inspections of goods and services
  • Ensure compliance with licenses, health and safety laws and other legal regulations.

Hotel Manager Job Description – Qualifications

Though this field of work is admissible to all graduates and those with an HND, a degree in the following areas can increase your chances:

  • Business with languages
  • Business or administration
  • Hotel and hospitality management
  • Travel, tourism or leisure studies.


You will need to have the following:

  • Friendly personality and sincere desire to help and please others
  • Ability to think and make quick decisions
  • Arithmetic and logistics planning skills
  • A professional way and a calm and rational approach to emergency situations
  • Ability to balance customer and business priorities
  • Flexibility and a ‘can do’ mentality
  • Energy and patience
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, especially for speakers of other languages.

Hotel Manager Job Description