Professional Hostess Job Description Sample

Hostess job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

A hostess is a person who acts as a representative if the entire restaurant. She is the first person who connects with the customers. She welcomes them and greets them. She makes sure that they get the comfortable seating. She makes sure they are well accommodated in t table they want. She has to make sure that the sanitation is above par. She has to communicate with the customers, take orders from them and make sure that they are served what they had ordered. She has to make sure that the waiters are ambient and patient while serving the food. She has to keep track of the billing and the payments.

If you are looking to hire a person for a hostess job for your restaurant, you can get the job description for this purpose from the sample given below. We have listed all the duties and the responsibilities that she has to do. You can add or remove anyone you want.

Hostess Job Description Sample

Position: Hostess

Degree: Degree from a high school at least and must have done hostess course from a well-reputed institute

Working conditions: She has to work from the restaurant only. She will have to work at least 8 hours a day and will have to greet the customers as soon as they set a foot into the premises of the restaurant.


  • Must have a degree from a high school at least and must have done hostess course from a well-reputed institute
  • Must have at least two years of experience as Hostess for a well-known restaurant or food chain
  • Must have excellent verbal compunction skills as she has to greet the customers and coordinate with them during their time in the restaurant
  • Must know about the menu of the restaurant thoroughly as the customers always look up to the hostess for guidance about good food
  • Must have excellent organizational and managerial skills while handling large groups of customers and making the bookings
  • Must have proficient interpersonal skills as she will have to deal the foreign customers, the elderly customers and the kids as well that require patience and skills to be handled
  • Must be able to work in close collaboration with the kitchen staff and the serving staff to avoid any hassle during the service
  • Must be able to operate the computers

Key responsibilities:

We at Fry Chicken are looking to hire a Hostess for our company.  We are looking to recruit a hostess who has been in the field for a couple of years. She must be very patient, amiable, must have excellent communication and organizational skills and must be able to work as a team. We want a very well-mannered and well-dressed person for this job.

If you think you aver all the credentials that are required by us for this job, you can apply for it using our email address given below or drop your CV at our office. We will try to get in touch with you at the earliest hour.