Healthcare Administrator Resume Sample

Here is a sample of healthcare administrator resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a healthcare administrator.

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Health service managers are responsible for the day-to-day operational management of general practitioner, governmental and private hospitals, including the supervision of personnel, budgeting, and finances. Many healthcare managers specialize in specific departments such as accounting, human resources or maintenance. Managers are responsible for directing, coordinating and administering medical and non-medical resources, facilities and services, as well as coordinating the work of clerical, medical and professional staff within the hospital. They may be tasked with development and implementation of new services, the recruitment of clerical and medical staffers, and dealing with issues or complaints faced by the facility.

Qualifications and training

Any related degree discipline is acceptable for entry, such as in management, although relevant skills and an appropriate personality are more desirable than a basic educational background. A business, economics, or management qualification can be helpful, as can any relevant prior work experience. Healthcare managers are often asked to be available at all hours due to the working nature of a hospital, which operates 24 hours every day.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Healthcare Administrator Resume

Employing facilities and hospitals seek candidates who are flexible and can work well under pressure. Other desirable qualities include:

  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Analytical and managerial skills
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Mature, confident and sensitive manner
  • Ability to adapt to dynamic trends and conditions
  • Working knowledge of medical equipment/ facilities

Healthcare Administrator Resume Example

James Hall
Address and Contact Info


Highly-successful, results-oriented healthcare executive with Masters of Public Health and Health Care Administration. Hands-on expertise in Emergency Medicine, Operations, Finance, Nursing, Strategic Planning, and Communication.


  • Demonstrated leadership of diverse management teams focusing on aligning program goals to the mission, values, culture and strategic goals of an organization.
  • Proven ability to integrate clinical quality and service quality into all aspects of operations and establish a balanced scorecard to monitor and evaluate progress and outcomes.
  • Establish positive collaborative working relationships with people at all organizational levels and across organizational boundaries; experienced in working with union and non-union environments and with medical staff.
  • Expertise and hands-on experience in operations; proven ability to develop, meet and exceed program and financial goals while enhancing clinical services; consistently maintain high quality of work in every area of responsibility.
  • Develop and link clinical documentation practices and patient charging systems to improve practice, establish documentation standards, optimize reimbursement and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Managed 4 major facility construction projects including completion of feasibility studies and sourcing of funds for the projects. Consistently followed systems thinking and change management principles to align processes and work flow focusing on desired outcomes.


Reading General Hospital, Montgomery, CA (2000 – Present)

Provided operational leadership and strategic planning for emergency services and urgent care programs at various healthcare system sites. Developed emergency and urgent care business objectives focusing on the organization’s strategic and financial goals to strategically develop care delivery, operations and the emergency physician group. Provided administrative oversight of several site program budgets in terms of achieving program goals, standards and efficiencies.

Relevant Accomplishments:

  • Developed and implemented emergency and urgent care program policies and procedures for 3 hospital-based emergency programs; ensured regulatory compliance.
  • Reorganized the Urgent Care program to improve clinical and service quality as well as reduce profit loss in 12 months; operations improvement included addressing management, clinical staffing, inventory management, patient charging, and reimbursement schedule.

Johnson Medical Group, Fontana, CA (1992 – 2000)

Provided strategic planning of administrative, clinical, and operating processes to enhance quality, manage costs, and align emergency services within context of integrated care delivery system. Developed emergency and walk-in business objectives focusing on the organization’s strategic and financial goals to strategically develop care delivery, operations, and the emergency physician group. Developed and managed several program budgets. Ensured quality and regulatory standards were achieved through collaboration with emergency medical leadership and provided direction to management staff of clinical services.

Relevant Accomplishments:

  • Developed emergency and walk-in / urgent care delivery system; used integrated quality approach focusing on clinical and service quality and operations improvement; partnered with medical staff leadership to achieve outcomes.
  • Reduced costs through management of staffing and operations; analyzed, developed, and implemented emergency services, facility charge master, and professional fee schedule.
  • Successfully established management team to effect improvements in triage, registration, diagnostic services, and image.


University of California, Los Angeles, CA 2000
Master of Health Care Administration
Thesis: Reducing Urgent Care Patient Length of Stay

BCC College, Long Beach, CA 1992
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Kirkwood Community College, Inglewood, CA 1990
Associate Degree in Nursing

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