Food Service Job Description Sample

Food Service Job Description Sample

Food Service Job Description – A food service worker assists in the preparation and serving of various kinds of foods. See more.

A food service worker assists in the preparation and serving of various kinds of foods. They can make simple meals, handle specific parts of a process, or cook large amounts of certain food. Generally, a food service work requires the use of equipment and food preparation machines, such as fryers, stoves, mixers, freezers, or choppers. Food workers can also be responsible for food inventory, customer service, or cleaning of the preparation area.

Food service does not require formal education, although training is often required at work. In addition, applicants should be aware of food safety and hygiene practices.

Since customer service is a common component of a food service job, the ideal employees will have experience in managing customers.

Food Service Job Description – Work Summary

If you are passionate about food and looking for a great way to enter into the industry, food service work can be the right choice for you to set up your career. Working in the food service offers a number of career advancements, but usually requires a bit of skill and specialized experience to get started. Food service workers are encouraged to learn on the job, which means earning money while gaining valuable skills that can help you improve your career. Food service is an excellent industry for new workers looking for a full set of skills, as well as for established employees who want to change their career or simply make some money.

Food Service Job Description – Responsibility

  • The food service aids cooks in preparing meals and plating food at the request of a chef or other supervisor.
  • Preparing simple meals such as salads or desserts.
  • Aid cooks with food preparation duties for the day by cutting, peeling, or slicing as needed.
  • Receive and accept customer orders, note special orders, and deliver food on time.
  • Show excellent customer service with a positive behavior, when dealing with restaurant patrons, handle complaints adequately, answer questions, and make meals on demand.
  • Help in cleaning the restaurant and dining area by collecting garbage, cleaning and washing plates and dishes, and cleaning tables if needed.
  • Always adhere to the standards of food safety, ensuring that all foods are free of contaminated and pathogenic, which can cause a disease to the client.
  • Cleaning the pots, pans and other dishes in the kitchen as needed, while respecting safety and health regulations at all times.

Job Requirements


  • License or certification of a food handler that applies to your area
  • Excellent customer service skills and the ability to handle various restaurant clients
  • Knowledge of sanitation, cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen


  • High school degree or GRE
  • Ability to walk or stand for a long time


  • Talking to others in order to effectively convey information
  • Understanding the sentences and items written in the work-related documents
  • Paying attention to what others are saying, take the time to understand the points they made, ask questions as needed and not interrupt at inappropriate times
  • Understand the implications of new information for solving current and future problems and making decisions
  • Communicate effectively in writing according to the needs of the audience

Food Service Job Description