Finance Manager Resume Sample

Here is a sample of finance manager resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want.


Finance manager’s responsibilities mainly revolve around providing finance support and advice to clients or colleagues in their organisation and help them make informed and sound finance decisions. The organisations and workplaces that finance managers can work in are extremely varied and can be in both the public and private sector. These include Financial Institutions, Charities, Trusts, Universities and Multinational Corporations. Most major business decisions are based on financial decisions and considerations. Companies need to know financial implications of any business decisions before they can be made, so Finance Mangers must help advise these situations and also make sure that all financial practices follow statutory regulations and legislations. The role of a financial manager can be very varied, and the title of the role often confuses people so great care should always be taken to analyse the responsibilities in each organisation.

Skills Required for Finance Manager

  • Portfolio Performance Reports
  • Performance Measuring
  • Reconciling Balance Statements
  • Handling Detailed Work
  • Good Accounting Techniques
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Measuring Planning
  • Relationship Management
  • Using Analysis on Financial Scenarios
  • Wealth Management

Finance Manager Resume Example

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Strategic leader with excellent interpersonal skills who build and maintain strong alliances while motivating teams and driving projects to successful completion. Proven ability to build profitability through effective strategising. Process equipment and appropriate use of incentives and training. Known for surpassing target and delivering fiscal bottom-line results. Reputations as a resourceful team player working with integrity and professionalism to earn respect, inspire cooperation and exceed business expectations.


  • Financial Analysis & Forecasting
  • Process & System Improvement
  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Written & Verbal communication
  • Risk & Portfolio Management
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Creative thinking and Problem Solving


XYZ INC, MIAMI, FL (20xx – Present)

  • Responsible for supporting credit card business through analysis and segmentation development, strategic internal and external data analysis and providing actionable insight to senior management.
  • Ensure effective market coverage by overseeing marketing campaign strategies including targeting and segmentation for all credit card department.
  • Advance business result through effective manipulation, calculation, analysis and translation of data for all the purposes of presenting to senior management.
  • Enhance performance by organising and running major meetings to improve communication of crucial time-sensitive information and share target, result and strategies.
  • Bridge gap between various department using technical and financial knowledge to work closely and effectively with product, Channels, Marketing, Risk and finance.

XYZ INC, MIAMI, FL (20xx – 20xx)

  • Responsible for building business cases, timelines and growth/action plans driven by financial analysis, market trend, risk scenarios, economic factors and feasibility options.
  • Exceed business targets by 50% ($1 billion) and drove record load growth by successfully implementing and managing profitability projects and strategies.
  • Increased productivity by implementing new incentive programs for contact areas through various departments and by leading cross-functional initiatives including new product offering and rebuilds.
  • Expanded performance and effectiveness of existing portfolio by seeking and evaluating new methods and implementing several new strategies each year.


South East University (20xx – 20xx)
Business Management Degree

North East College (20xx – 20xx)
Diploma in Management

Sparkbrook College (20xx – 20xx)
Diploma in Business Administration

Coventry School (20xx – 20xx)
A level Maths (A) English (B) Technology (B)

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