Top 16 Resume Examples for Finance and Accounting Industry

Resume Examples for Finance and Accounting Industry

Good Resume Examples for Finance/ Accounting Industry

Just completed your graduation degree and looking for an appropriate job? Then the first thing you need to know is, “how to create a professional resume.” Though everyone has majored in different subjects but when want to get a job, a perfect resume is a must. As every company asks for a CV from the candidates, so it is so important to give you best afford to make a good resume. This explains about the candidate to the employer. After reading your resume, the Human Resource department will decide if they will call you for the interview or not. If you are a graduate with a business background, then be ready to compete with many candidates.

What are the Responsibilities of a Finance/Accounting Executive?

A finance executive is responsible for different works of an office. This is a vital post where the official look after the financial planning of the company. Also, the person needs to the annual plan of the business costing. In the beginning level, you don’t need to make strategy but need to implement the plan of the finance section. Moreover, the person is responsible for observing the transaction of the company, making any changes if necessary, etc. Workload varies with business.

What are the Requirements for the Finance / Accounting Executive Position?

To enter in this section of any company, you need to be a business graduate. Most of the company ask for graduates who have majored in finance or accounting. In higher positions, you need 1 to 5 years of experience. With the educational background, it is also necessary to have the ability of decision-making, budget planning, accounting software maintaining, presentation skill, etc. For the financial position, you need better talent in mathematics and flowchart too.

How Much Money Can You Make?

For any graduate, this is an attractive position. Though the wedge of the employee depends on the company, in average an executive makes $75,000 per year. Though you are not going to get this amount of money in the beginning and day by day, it will be increased based on performance. If you have some professional degrees related to finance like Chartered Accountancy, then the salary will be more.

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What to Include in the Resume?

For this position, only the educational qualification is not enough; companies also need some basic skills. So, you need to include your skills with the educational requirements. Write the resume in the proper language so that the employer impress and call you for the interview. It needs to be professional.

Can I Use a Resume Template?

Yes, you can use a Finance / Accounting Resume template for applying. This will help you to organize your qualifications in the right order. Also, you don’t need to be tensed about the format and the font. Everything is included in a template, and the only task you need to do is replacing information with your own. Usually, templates are created by professionals who have experience in the recruitment section. So, it increases the chance of getting the job.

  1. Account CPA Resume
  2. Actuarial Analyst Resume
  3. Accountant Resume
  4. Finance Manager Resume
  5. Contract Specialist Resume
  6. Finance Manager Resume
  7. Financial Advisor Resume
  8. Financial Analyst Resume
  9. Financial Consultant Resume
  10. Tax Accountant Resume
  11. Account Executive Resume
  12. Cashier Resume
  13. Account Payable Resume
  14. Accounting Clerk Resume
  15. Accounting Assistant Resume
  16. Accountant Resume

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