Fashion Designer Resume Sample

Here is a sample of fashion designer resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for fashion designer.


Fashion Designer Resume Sample – Fashion designers are beauty and design professionals that create the millions of new shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, and other types of clothing that hit the market every year. As a fashion designer, you may work for a wholesale producer, a high-end design firm, or for yourself as a freelancer.

Fashion designers are involved in almost every step in the creation of new clothing. You may draw up design sketches, choose colors and fabrics, create initial pieces for testing, and pitch your designs to clients and buyers. You might work specifically in one type of clothing -women’s, juniors, men’s, kids’, or another area of clothing – or fill in wherever you are needed.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Fashion Designer Resume

  • A fashion designer must have sound knowledge of colors, texture, and patterns of clothing.
  • A smart and out of the box thinking for generation next clothing and about its accessories.
  • A deep knowledge about different shapes and measurement and an ability to visualize things in dimensions to make a cloth perfect for the user.
  • A fashion designer must have good communication skills to explain its ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively to make a better understanding to others.
  • Fashion/clothing designer must be technically skilled in areas such as pattern cutting, grading, and garment making.
  • A fashion designer must have an ability to draw on paper, either by hand or on the computer by the help of different software.
  • Fashion designer should have an ability to meet deadlines and as per requirement and work within a pre-defined budget.
  • A fashion designer should be good in negotiation skills when selling its own designer wear.
  • A fashion designer must be strong organizational skills to lead its business.
  • Fashion designer/clothing designer should have an eye for recent trends in fashion and clothing.
  • A fashion designer must have an interest in art and designs.
  • A fashion designer must be a good source for the designer.
  • A fashion designer helps in Supervising and making up for sample designs.

Fashion Designer Resume Sample

Natti Nat
Street, City, State, Zip | Phone, Email Address


Possesses a professional experience of 9 years in the field, working with two of the most established fashion houses in the business. Proficiency in contemporary designing using the latest techniques and equipment with good communication skills and teamwork attributes.


  • Client and Personal Service
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Design and Implementation
  • Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
  • Cross-Functional


ABC Co., Ltd. Toronto (2015 – Present)
Fashion Designer

  • Analyze and research fashion trends.
  • Obtain and review of samples with new textile products through attending trade shows or visiting manufacturers.
  • Select textiles including fabrics, fasteners, and other materials.
  • Create patterns for technical designers to work from.
  • Present concepts to director and team.
  • Develop prototypes for fittings with adjustments.
  • Continuously develop new materials and techniques.

ABC Co., Ltd. Toronto (2007 – 2014)
Associate Fashion Designer

  • Worked closely with a team fashion designer along with senior designer.
  • Worked closely with sale and channel on all needs.
  • Interpretation of trends through design and development.
  • Followed design ideas with trends that are suitable for accounts.
  • Written specs which reflect creative, cohesive collections making them saleable.
  • Communicated with product managers on a regular basis about spec, fabrics and details with all product categories.
  • Helped for research and development of key fabrics, prints and patterns with fabric team and Cad designers.


Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, 2005
University: American University, Washington, DC

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