Event Planner Job Description Sample

Event Planner Job Description Sample

Event planner job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Events are held every now and then for the educational and entertainment purposes. These events need a lot of things that are done in the background which is carried out by professionals in order to make sure that the streamlined flow of the event is carried out. Events are planned by the event planners that make sure that the things go all well and the audience gets what they want from the event. The programs, promotions, and organization of the event are on the shoulders of the event planners.

They have to work in collaboration with the contractors to carry out the decorations, catering and managerial services of the events and the company they are working for. One of the main jobs that an event planner does is the fact that he organizes an event that is appropriate for the people of that area. An event planner creates opportunities and jobs for different start-ups and new campaign holders so that they can easily start their businesses and advertise them as well.

A professional and well-educated individual is required to do such a job. If you are looking to hire someone for this type of job, scroll through the sample of the job description given below.

Event Planner Job Description Sample

Position: Event Planner

Degree: Masters in Marketing, PR or Business Administration

Working conditions: Has to work from office and has to travel a lot as well


  • Has an experience of at least 5 years in the event management
  • Has a degree in Marketing, PR or Business Administration from a well reputed university
  • Should have excellent managerial and communication skills
  • Should be organized as well
  • Should have excellent communication skills
  • Should have excellent written and verbal skills to communicate via speeches and writings
  • Should be able to handle pressure situations and must have decision-making abilities

Key responsibilities:

We are looking to hire an event planner for our company which is an event managing company. We organize events throughout the country and we are looking for someone who can work in our branch in Birmingham. As the job requires a lot of commitment and expertise, so we are rather looking for an experienced individual who can handle the pressure of the job. A valid degree is required for this job.

We need a person who can recruit our staff as well so having organizational and managerial skills could be a plus point for this job. As the job requires planning the events, discuss all the possible things required during an event, so having excellent communication skills is an essential part of the candidate. The person would have to travel a lot as the events would be in different parts of Birmingham so it is essential to understand that you have to give a lot of time to this job.

We are looking for a very motivated and enthusiastic candidate for this job. If you think, you have all the capabilities required for this job, and then apply for it.

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