Entry Level Dispatcher Resume Sample

Here is a sample of entry level dispatcher resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a truck dispatcher, transportation dispatcher, fleet dispatcher, plumbing dispatcher, school bus dispatcher, construction dispatcher, alarm dispatcher, flight dispatcher, and oil dispatcher.


The work of a dispatcher is quite porous in nature and depends on the type of industry, and such a dispatcher is associated with. Basically, the job responsibilities are often related to the public sector with regards to general safety, which highlights the participation of the medical, burglary, fire, police and other emergency services. The experts in this field, generally show dexterity in communication and logical skills to pinpoint the location and type of emergency, and swiftly make plans to respond speedily and effectively to such emergencies. They respond to emergency calls from the public, get the necessary information and pass them on to response quarters, where they further assess the situations and dispatch the required response officials to the emergency locations.

In view of the intricacies of a dispatcher’s work, one can come to the conclusion that drafting a competent resume along with your job application is an excellent way of increasing your opportunities of securing the desired job of being a dispatcher. However, the resume should be of high quality and must deliver a long-lasting impression during the recruitment procedure, such that it would give no room for an omission. Likewise, as it is the case with most top-notch resume, it should be noted that experience trumps certificate in this case. Possessing a great deal of interpersonal skill would go a long way in structuring an efficient dispatcher’s resume. However, a blend of great qualifications backed up by noteworthy experiences would ace the test of which resume is better.

Entry Level Dispatcher Resume Example With No Experience

[Address and Contact Info]


To secure the position of dispatcher in this reputable organization and put in place newer innovative measures to enhance the efficiency of a dispatcher’s work

Career Summary:

  • Effectively handled some jobs simultaneously while keeping to time
  • Exercised an excellent command of communication, aiding in the build-up of trust in colleagues and clients
  • Pioneered a new work pattern to enhance the overall work performance and efficiency while easing the strain.

Professional Experience:

Dispatcher, March XXXX till date
Felthouse Corp., Texas

  • Meticulously analysed the specific needs of clients and accordingly, dispatched the required service vans containing clients’ order.
  • Effectively used the radios, telephones, and other communication instruments to pass vital information to colleagues and superiors.
  • Efficiently maintained a comprehensive digital record of expenses, client requests, inquiries and complaints, activities performed, and other related dispatch data.

Assistant Dispatcher, August XXXX to January XXXX
GI Solutions, Texas

  • Outlined schedules given by superiors and accordingly communicated them to colleagues.
  • Recording of daily data from tasks completed.


Emmerson College,
Texas, XXXX – XXXX
High School Certificate


  • Meticulous and Attentive to Details
  • Efficient Interpersonal Communication Capacity
  • Proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office software, and other necessary tools for data analysis.
  • Possess the capacity for multitasking and maintaining a professional relationship with colleagues
  • Possess the ability to work under pressure.


  • Will be made available upon request

***This is only the entry level dispatcher resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon. 

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