Entry Level CEO Resume Sample

Here is a sample of CEO resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a company CEO, restaurant CEO, software CEO, and glass-door CEO.


The place of a Chief Executive Officer is such a height that requires not just great qualification but practical achievements and experience. Hence, for any resume whatsoever to make the cut for such a lofty position, experience and achievement would be the way forward, then add educational qualification as icing to the cake.

However, if you happen to be a freshman in the working sector, doubts as regards your experience may arise, and you would have to go further in proving not just your qualification, but also the practical use of such qualification, and there’s basically no better means to do this than to serve as a trainee or intern in potential organizations, which could at the end of your training or internship, recruit you for a full employment. This would help in building up your experience level, and should the need for references arise, your record at such organization you trained in would come off handy.

Go through these few tips on writing your entry level CEO resume:

Be assertive and sure of yourself: Make you of powerful self-promoting language to leave a lasting impression of confidence in the mind of the potential employer. After all, what’s a leader (CEO) without self-confidence?

Place your achievements and experience first, and then your educational qualifications should come in at the tail end. Although this may seem like an impossibility for one who is fresh into the system, however as it has often been said, don’t wait until there’s an opportunity to prepare for an opportunity. Before your entry into the working sector, be sure to garner as much experience as you can, from diverse available platforms. Serving as an intern, going for leadership and business-oriented function would come a long way in building your resume.

As regards what to put in the section for achievement and experience, note that if you join the winning team, you are a winner. Irrespective of your input to the success story of a particular project, insofar as you were a party to the project, you qualify to put it in your resume. However, it is best if you put in your effort, learn from those who have been there, so you won’t come short of performance when the practical need for your expertise arises. Always remember that although your resume may be laced with all glory and the best there is. If you fail to deliver as your resume points out, there will be no hesitation in kicking you out. So basically besides securing yourself with platforms that guarantee experience, be truthful as regards your achievement and experience.

Moving further, peradventure you lack experience and great accomplishments, one of the ways you can still secure your dream position would be what you input into the qualification section of your resume. Start from your highest and most relevant qualification and down the line to your basic degree. Having a Master’s in Business Administrations, Office Management, and a host of other administration inclined course of study, would go a long way in compensating for your practical experience. Besides, those qualifications are in themselves basic experience required for the job.

Here is a sample of how a CEO resume should look like:

Entry Level CEO Resume Example With No Experience

[Address and Contact Info]


  • Ten years’ all-round fruitful experience making provision for economic strategies and efficient leadership in strained situations
  • Multitasking expert and an astute goal getting leader with a proven record of productive performance in diverse organizations.
  • Operated on the basic foundation of team work and individual strengths to enhance organizational productivity and general cordiality of staff relationship.
  • Proficient interpersonal skills with a proven record of mediating between conflicting members of staff in renown organizations
  • Other areas of expertise include: Strategy Planning, Office Administration, Human Resources Management.



  • Held the reputable position as the President of a $5.5 trillion worth corporation with a large expanse of influence in over 60 countries of the world.
  • Provided for the economic strategies used by the corporation and offered effective leadership that augmented the growth of the corporation.

CEO, 19XX-19XX

  • Served as a pioneering member of the Go Green Initiative in the reputable office of the Chief Executive Officer, and oversaw the productivity of the initiative. Growing it from the scratch of a twenty man personnel to an efficient over a thousand man personnel with superior productivity.


  • Oxford University, MS Business Administration and Management, 19XX-19XX
  • Princeton College of Economics, BS Economics, 19XX-19XX


  • Man of the Mic, Oxford Alumni 19XX
  • Award of Excellence, Oxford Entrepreneurs, 19XX
  • Merit Award of Excellence, Princeton E Club, 19XX

***This is only the entry level CEO resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon. 

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