Professional Copywriter Resume Sample

Here is a sample of professional copywriter resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a freelance copywriter, creative copywriter, junior copywriter, fashion copywriter and sales copywriter.


As with any position that involves creativity in a business setting, copywriter jobs work best for people who do well in a team – a team of project managers, editors, developers, graphics designers and accountants – all these people focused narrowly on getting someone to buy a product. That doesn’t mean that all copywriter jobs exist in large corporations or advertising agencies though. While those do make up the bulk of the copywriter’s employment market, freelance opportunities success as well.

When copywriters come to be employed by a large company, they work on the company’s internal creative team. The copywriter in such a job needs to have a great understanding of the business of the company, and needs to accept responsibility for the company’s performance. He can be asked to come up with materials to serve almost any marketing need at the company – the production of a brochure, a press release, material for a tradeshow, anything. And advertising agencies that provide corporations with all the advertising solutions they need in multimedia, social media and all kinds of marketing, are all about narrower specialization. Since an advertising agency constantly receives work from clients, it can afford to keep specialists on the payroll for each specific job. A press release writer in such a position would probably get to constantly write press releases for all of the company’s clients. A copywriter who writes advertising scripts would probably gain such expertise doing his job repeatedly, that they wouldn’t let him write anything else. Now a copywriter working in these kinds of organizations is spared the trouble of finding new clients when a job is done. That’s what the business he works for is there for. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works for a freelance copywriter.  A freelance copywriter needs to be completely competent not only in the writing of great slogans and arresting copy, but also in the talking up of a strong game. He needs to be able to network, to find clients and maintain business relationships.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Copywriter Resume

  • Essential Skills To Pick Up
  • A Sense of Adventure And Curiosity
  • Stellar Research Skills
  • The Ability to Create Something New, Even If It’s Old
  • An Understanding of User Experience
  • Writing With Empathy

Copywriter Resume Sample

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Exceptional Copywriter with extensive background in all forms of online and print media. Expertise writing copy for websites, blogs, marketing materials, email blasts, newsletters, mobile applications, brochures, sales flyers, print ads, commercial, book jackets and more. Superb ability to analyse needs quickly, develop concept and provide fast turnaround for diverse projects. Broad-based background in high quality competitive and dynamic organisation as well as freelance work. Recognized as a decisive leader, hard-worker and excellent team player. Passionate about providing powerful copy that achieves clients result and exceeds expectation.


  • Website copy
  • Marketing materials
  • Email blast & newsletters
  • Commercial & radio ads
  • Ghost writing
  • Project management
  • Planning & prioritization
  • Concept development
  • Design development
  • SEO


ABC ADVERTISING & MARKETING, Citadel, CA (20xx – Present)

  • Work directly with clients to access needs, develop concept and design layout.
  • Write copy for diverse uses, including online marketing, print ads and publishing.
  • Provide junior copy writers training on procedures and mentoring on creative aspect of position.
  • Produce reports, mock-ups, response letters and email clarification on request.
  • Attend marketing meeting and represent copywriting staff.
  • Draft speech and create presentations for executives and clients.
  • Consistently bring in new clients referrals by word of mouth from satisfied clients.

XYZ MARKETING, Citadel, CA  (20xx – 20xx)

  • Provided copywriting expertise directly to clients for use with websites, email marketing and blogs.
  • Wrote script for marketing videos such as book trailers and website introductions.
  • Connected with clients via phone, email and Skype to determine project scope and design, update client on progress and discuss final result or feedback.
  • Provided copy for over 350 websites.
  • Drafted email newsletter on a continuous basis, monthly or quarterly, for over 30 different clients.


ABC UNIVERSITY, Citadel, CA  (20xx – 20xx)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Emphasis in Marketing and Creative Writing

REFERENCE – Available on request

***This is only the copywriter resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon. 

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