Catering Manager Job Description Sample

Catering manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The Catering Managers a person who is a boss of a catering company while they are providing catering services for any event or business. He has to manage and organize all the aspects of the service. From the budget to the food delivery and serving, he has to be on his feet all the time.

The Catering Manager should have proficient managerial and organizational skills as he will have a lot of staff and employees working under him. He should be a good leader so that he can lead his team to work efficiently to meet the goals and demands. He must be patient and amiable while dealing the clients and customers.

If you are looking to hire a Catering Manager for your team, make sure that you have listed all the key responsibilities.  He will have to deal with a lot of pressure while working. So scroll through our sample given below before you opt to write a Catering Manager job description for your company.

Catering Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Catering Manager

Degree: Masters in Business Administration or Marketing

Working conditions: Has to work from office and has to travel a lot as well to organize the catering service for an event and make a deal with the clients


  • Must have a valid degree from a Master Degree from a business school
  • Must have an experience of almost five years as a catering manager for any well-repute catering company
  • Must have managerial and organizational skills to organizing a catering service for any event or organization
  • Must be able to work under deadlines for the events
  • Must be able to operate the computers to keep a record of the budget, inventory and the schedule of food delivery
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills while dealing with the clients and his staff

Key responsibilities: 

We at Food Truck Company are looking to hire a Catering Manager who could deal with our catering branch in Medellin. We want a person who can handle catering services for our company at the local events. His primary responsibilities include supervising the clients and the event organizers. He will have to make sure that the clients get the right menus according to the type of the events.

He has to analyze the budget of the catering services for the event and will have to make sure that the food is abundant for the guests. The supply of food is his prime responsibility. Besides this, he will have to handle the transporting and storage of food. Hiring the best staff for managing the catering services for an event are his duties.

He must be able to deal the professionals from various other catering companies. Having a strong lead character will help him a lot while managing all these things. Excellent organization and managerial skills are a must-have for a person who is aiming to work at this post. If you are capable enough, do apply for this job.