Free Cashier Job Description Sample

Cashier job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Being a cashier is not as easy as you though. She has a big responsibility to be a front liner. She must handle the accuracy of cash transactions. She is also responsible to make the customers satisfied with her service.

The basic responsibility of a cashier is totally the customers’ bills, taking their money, and supplying them with appropriate change.  In the advance of register technology, it is suggested for the cashier to know how to accept credit cards and give receipts for each transaction.

Generally, the cashier is usually given a drawer when she starts her shift. The drawer will hold a predetermined sum of cash and change. In the beginning of the shift, she should count first the contents of drawer and verify that the drawer is appropriate or not. Meanwhile, in the end of her shift, the drawer must be rated for its accuracy. To rate its accuracy, she should compare between the numbers of money that is in the drawer and the total of sales during her shift.

She should also differentiate between the cash items and non-cash items including charges, coupons, and any returns or payments that are accepted by the store.

Moreover, she must acknowledge the right time for asking the customer some questions. The questions usually include; when the transaction must be authorized, the age of customers when they purchased a tobacco alcohol, and how to package appropriately.

She also has to know how to process the payment with credit/debit cards. It is known that today, some customers use them to pay for their purchase. She has to scan the barcodes on the items bought. This was should be done to check out the orders of customers in the stores.

She also handles the inquiring of custom  service. She prepares bags of money   for truck drivers, calculates  coins in the machine of coins and balance the bank vault. Sometimes, she must cash checks, process withdraw requests and take deposits.

Of course, the task of a cashier do not stop from tasks mention, she is responsible for selling cashier checks, stamps, money orders, and lottery  tickets.

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