Buyer Purchasing Manager Resume Sample

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Job Duties

Buyer Purchasing Manager buys goods of durable and non-durable and services for organizations and institutions. They try to get the best deal for the organization: quality products and services at the lowest price. To do this, the study of sales and inventory levels of existing records to make, identify foreign and domestic suppliers and monitor changes that affect both supply and demand for products and materials stocks.

Buyer Purchasing Manager considers price, quality, availability, reliability and technical support in the selection of suppliers and products. To be effective, buyers and sellers must have technical knowledge of the working of goods and services they purchase.

Evaluation of suppliers is one of the most critical functions of the agent or customer to buy. Many organizations are working with the production schedule and use inventory just-in-time so that delays in the supply chain can stop production and make the organization not to lose customers.

Skills Required for Buyer Purchasing Manager

  • Excellent communicator and negotiator.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Excellent business planning.
  • Confident and sure of him/herself.

Buyer Purchasing Manager Resume Example

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Professional Buyer Purchasing Manager, having seven years of experience in buying and provide a wide range of products, software, services, and outsourcing.
Implementation of outsourcing and hiring plans, and works closely with managers, engineers, and department. Coordinated with manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and subcontractors.
Maintains close relations with suppliers to solve problems and improve service.


To obtain the position Buyer Purchasing Manager at a reputable company, which makes use of plug unrivaled shopping experience, networking and negotiating skills to ensure a better deal for the organization.


A&B Stores Plc San Francisco, CA (2009 – Present)
Buyer Purchasing Manager

  • Make decisions on purchasing, communication and negotiation
  • Develop strategies origin
  • Identify potential sources
  • Management of budgets
  • Determine the long-term contracts
  • Interface with shopping sites
  • Preparation of orders and requests for quotes
  • Consult and meet with suppliers for product information
  • Buy products and equipment physically
  • Generate reports in MS Excel and perform data entry functions
  • Realization of the objectives of market monitoring
  • Check, entered, update and accelerated orders
  • Quote providers advertisements
  • Management or questions about the prices and specifications of the conflict.

T&U Stores plc Brooklyn, NY (2007 – 2009)
Buyer Purchasing Manager

  • Held talks with senior management to analyze the business requirements.
  • Selected products and market research in relation to suppliers – Market research for product availability and ordering information.
  • Retrieved best price/product and raw materials traded cheapest supplier and the final payment on behalf of the company.
  • Negotiated with individual suppliers in terms of price, date and amount available for delivery.
  • Presented the report of the product with the best price for management.
  • Forced procurement policies – Finish purchase agreement in coordination with senior management and sealed for purchase by the law and regulations of state companies.
  • Get detailed endorsements, guarantees, and other supporting documents.
  • Responsible for the storage of purchased products.


  • Negotiating the best price and conditions that reduce the cost of $20,000 per year
  • To ensure timely delivery of products
  • Acquisition especially rare and expensive equipment at standard prices
  • Analysis of the customer consumer behavior – Increase savings of 30%
  • Effective coordination of logistics costs to increase efficiency


Parkview University, NC
Bachelor in Business Administration

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