Brand Manager Resume Sample and Writing Tips

Brand Manager Resume Sample

A brand manager is responsible for the organization and oversight of the brand’s sales, promotion and building a reputation for the brand. The day-to-day activities of a brand manager depend on the needs of the industry and the product’s specifications. For example, promoting a toothpaste brand is quite different from promoting a drug or say a medicated soap. However, the core responsibilities are somewhat similar. He or she is responsible for taking crucial decisions related to both marketing and advertising campaigns, decisions related to brand production and sales strategies.The responsibility of the brand’s success and failure lies on the shoulders of a brand manager. The individual is a part of a high-level executive leadership team and has authority to direct the actions of employees at the root level.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Brand Manager Resume

The job can involve working with in-house marketing and communications people, as well as legal and compliance staff and numerous creative agencies. It is usual for the brand manager to represent the company at all creative meetings, including photo and film shoots. A brand manager should:

  •  Have an instinctive feeling about future product concepts
  •  Have good analytical skills
  •  Be a good listener, able to respond to results and consumer research
  •  Be an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing
  •  Be able to work well with a wide range of people from different parts of the business
  •  Be a team leader, able to inspire others
  •  Be able to manage different projects at the same time
  •  Be energetic and passionate about their product speciality
  •  Be organised and methodical
  •  Be able to work well under pressure
  •  Have good presentation skills.

Brand Manager Resume Sample

Natti Nats
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Skilled Brand Manager versed in driving positioning, pricing and go-to-market strategies. In-depth knowledge of market needs and trends. Talented at creating and executing acquisition and adoption initiatives. And concerned with creating a lasting impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share.


  • Accounting
  • Creative and innovative
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Persuasive
  • ROI analysis
  • Corporate messaging
  • Product forecasts
  • Business case development
  • Case studies


ABC Co., Ltd., Toronto (2015 – Present)
Brand Manager

  •  Direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote products and services.
  •  Develop pricing strategies while balancing firm objectives with customer satisfaction maximization.
  •  Analyze business developments and monitor market trends.
  •  Coordinate and participated in promotional activities and trade shows.
  •  Create high-quality marketing strategy documentation, including product marketing briefs, FAQs and objection handling documents.
  •  Analyze third-party data and investigate new growth opportunities.
  •  Consult with buying personnel to determine projected demand for products and services.

ABC Co., Ltd., Ohio (2010 – 2012)
Brand Manager

  • Reviewed the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures and research and development appropriations.
  • Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings.
  • Worked with the communications team to drive internal promotion of company programs, initiatives, guiding, principles and mission.
  • Coordinated art and graphics creation for effective merchandising.


MBA Marketing, 2006
University of Ohio Ohio

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