Bartender Job Description Sample

Bartender Job Description- Learn how to write a good bartender job description to attract great candidates for this position. See examples.

A bartender is someone who serves drinks at a party, club, restaurant etc. They have a good knowledge of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages should be used in a certain way. In addition, some people prefer to be treated according to their wishes. So these bartenders served drinks and are experts in the mix and made according to the customer’s request.

The bartender is a very popular profession. Almost every street has at least people coming to drink and relax. Therefore, the bartender can get a job anywhere. However, the main contract is to get a good job in places like clubs, salons etc. A bartender can make a significant impact as advisers. It is therefore important to write a lot about those skills in your resume.

Part of the skills a bartender must write is about different drinks that they are able to mix. Employers seek variety. This way they can attract more customers. This ability should be at the top of the list. Another important skill is to drink somewhere else. If a bartender can mix popular drinks in other countries, they should be sure to mention this skill in their resume. Employers are also looking for a chance to increase their customers.

Bartender Job Description – Main Duties And Responsibilities

  • Greet users and get acquainted with the drinks menus
  • Give recommendations and answer all related questions
  • Checking the user ID to make sure they are in the legal drinking age
  • Get orders from staff or directly from customers
  • Records and write drink orders accurately into the system
  • Prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages according to standard recipes
  • Peel, slice and pit fruit for decorating drinks.
  • Mix and decorate cocktails according to standard specifications
  • Serves sandwiches for customers sitting in the bar
  • Selling drinks and snacks to customers
  • Respond quickly to customer inquiries in an educated and professional manner
  • Attempting to limit problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption by customers following established procedures
  • Process transactions using the POS system
  • Prepare checks for clients
  • Process customer payment
  • Organize glasses and bottles in an attractive and functional display
  • Ensure to clean glasses, flooring and working areas
  • in accordance with all health, safety and hygiene standards and policies
  • Balance the cashier registry at the beginning and end of each shift
  • Monitor inventory
  • Order and restock the inventory of the bar

Skills And Education

  • High school diploma preferred
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Working knowledge of standard beverage recipes
  • Practical understanding of alcohol, wine and beer
  • Understanding the class of alcohol, different glasses, brands and embargoes
  • Practical knowledge of the bar equipment
  • knowledge and education in mixology an added advantage
  • Arithmetic skills and cash management
  • Capable of working flexible hours
  • Able to work for a long time
  • Able to reach and bend and often raise up to 30 pounds

Bartender Job Description– Key Skills

  • Orientation towards customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team member
  • High energy level
  • handle a fast-paced work environment
  • Reliability
  • Sincerity and integrity

Bartender Job Description