Bar Manager Job Description Sample

Bar Manager Job Description – Learn how to write a good bar manager job description to attract great candidates for this position.

The bar manager must manage the entire bar. From liquor stocks to the employment of new staff, they are in charge of everything. The bar manager is the one who has to open and close the bar so that his work begins early in the morning and ends well in the night. The bar manager should carefully monitor the supply of liquor stocks and make sure they never run out.

All bars should have a lot of permit from government authorities in order to work. The manager duty is to get all the necessary permissions required. The manager hired all the employees working in the bar. Everyone from the kitchen staff to the waitress all has to report to the manager. Many times the bar manager does not own the bar, in which case the manager will report to the owner.

The main job starts for the manager after opening the bar for operations. They have to manage all staff exchanges and provide enough staff during working hours. They have to deal with unsatisfied and sometimes drunk customers in an educated manner. The bar manager’s job is to see if the customer does not drink over limit; If so, the manager will request for them not to be served again and also call for a cab to take them home.

Bar Manager Job Description – Main Duties And Responsibilities

  • Set target and objectives for beverage unit/bar
  • Determine the need for new staff and hire staff
  • Performance management personnel
  • Assess development needs and train and coach staff
  • Delegate tasks and duties to staff to achieve goals and maximize resources
  • Establish and monitor quality service standards for each staff
  • State company policy, rules and procedures to staff
  • Direct and manage staff members to meet standards and goals
  • Ensuring that staff work within the company policy
  • Organize and adapt staff rates and schedules based on available resources and working standards
  • Supervise the preparation and presentation of beverages in accordance with the established standards
  • Quickly resolve customer complaints
  • Monitor the purity and hygiene of the bar
  • Promote and practice compliance with rules and regulations relating to fire, health, safety and hygiene
  • Track the exact purchase procedures and ensure that the documentation is complete
  • Ensure compliance with cash management procedures
  • Ensure compliance with inventory control procedures
  • Track and order stock
  • Contacting with suppliers and sales representatives
  • to confirm that the material is being carried out under the best possible conditions
  • Making sure all deliveries are adequately verified and correct
  • Checking that the stock is appropriately rotated and stored in order to reduce waste
  • Track the bar display to maximize functionality and attractiveness
  • Establish, monitor and control the budget of units/bars
  • plan and implement cost control measures
  • Plan and implement systems to increase sales and revenue
  • Organize promotional activities
  • Generate and submit financial statements
  • Implement improvements for products and services
  • Maintain regular communication with staff and management through meetings and discussions
  • Follow the relevant regulations on alcohol, tobacco and licensing services

Bar Manager Job Description – Skills and experience

  • High school diploma
  • Tertiary qualification preferred
  • Experience in running bars or serving drinks
  • Full knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of business management
  • Knowledge of basic accounting procedures
  • Knowledge of the procedures of cost control
  • Human resource management practices is an add-on
  • Knowledge of administrative procedures
  • Knowledge of relevant computer applications

Key Skills

  • Judgment
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization and planning
  • Allocation and management of resources
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Training
  • Stress tolerance
  • Team member

Bar Manager Job Description