Professional Banking Job Description Sample

Banking job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

When it comes to the banking sector, one major thing that rents the air is MONEY. And whether you’ll be serving in the capacity of a bank clerk or a bank manager, you’ll be dealing with money daily. Hence, the first things that would need to be stressed on would be self-control (when it comes to money) and financial analytical skills which would determine if you go up the ladder, or remain at the bottom of the profit chain.

Focusing on two main bank job positions; bank clerk and bank manager, here are basic things to expect if you are vying either of these posts:

Bank Clerk: As a bank clerk the major thing that would be expected of you, is to be meticulous in maintaining the records of every action done in the bank. You would be expected to work for a space of 30 – 40 hours per week with the exclusion of Saturday and Sunday. Your financial analytical skills would be greatly required, and also you would need to have a good grasp of relating well with clients. Decorum would also be an unsaid skill that would be required of you, likewise multitasking.

Besides the bulk of work that you would be engaged in, you should be expectant of a ‘fat’ salary to compensate for the bulk of work done. And the higher you are, in experience and educational qualification, the better your chances of earning higher and getting your promotions swiftly.

Bank Manager: Serving in the position of a bank manager entails you overseeing the effective running of one or more bank branches. You will likewise be in charge of ensuring that the sales targets are continually met, while simultaneously maintaining and motivating the spirits of your staff for the work cut out. As a bank manager, you would also be responsible for the promotion and marketing of the branch and its customer-friendly policies to potential clients, attending to inquiries and complaints from clients to ensure that customer service is at its peak in effectiveness.

The capacity to multitask would come in handy in this case as you would need to be flexible, attending to series of assignments at a go. Maintaining your calm even under the strain of work would also be great in your arsenal of skills.

Furthermore, you would be expected to work for a duration of at least 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, and also attend to conferences and visitation to other branches.

As it is with other high ranking positions, the salary expectation compensates for the bulk of work, as you should be earning around $60 – $70000 per annum. Other fringe benefits are attached likewise to ensure you never face starvation or lack of motivation. However, as promising as this position seems, a clause to it is that, should you fail to meet up with the sales target, you would experience a decline in pay.

Conclusively, as it has been said for the position of a bank clerk, your experience as well as educational qualification, would go a long way in positioning you for promotion and other fringe benefits.

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