Auto Technician Job Description Sample

Auto Technician Job Description Sample

Auto technician job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

If you are such a person that is into cars, bikes, and machines in general, you may want to consider a promising career as an auto technician. Automotive technicians or auto technicians are they are often called, are highly skilled persons who do the basic and advanced maintenance and repair tasks on cars and bikes in general. They are highly specialized in the examination of cars for probable faults which may go undetected by the regular maintenance guy next door. Their expertise aids them in determining the faults of a car, at a glance and proffer expert solution upon closer examination. They are most noted for working with cars of light engines and operations, and they likewise deal with the repairing of other intricate parts besides the engines.

In an age where technology has taken a deep root in our daily lives, auto technicians are not left out as they likewise make use of technology in troubleshooting cars that are faulty. The use of technology in the troubleshooting of cars ensures that not only is the visible problem noted, but other hidden problems are also uncovered and attended to. Auto technician, however, do not wholly depend on technological devices in handling their examination of cars and engines, they also make use of simple, powerful hand tools such as hammer, wrenches, pliers, testers, and screwdrivers to troubleshoot vehicles brought for repair.

Considering the technicality that is required in this job, it is expedient that whoever would be taking up this job should be adept with the basic procedures and be capable of educating customers on their actions when troubleshooting and repairing. The question of why is customer education important, is answered in a simple manner; customers care about how their vehicles are treated, and in this case watching you an auto technician dismantling or doing some adverse procedure on such vehicles would demand an explanation. Hence, the reason why auto technicians are mandated to explain in simple basic details, the procedures they would be engaging in troubleshooting and repairing the system. Some companies, however, would rather that the customer leaves the car in their care and return later for it fully repaired, rather than waiting over for it to be repaired and handed over to them.

Here are some basic skills required for auto technicians in the line of work:

  • Adept use of latest technological equipment in the troubleshooting and repair of vehicles
  • Basic communications skills to help explain examination procedures to clients.
  • Basic physical strength for the lifting of heavy parts of a vehicle, just in case there is no miniature crane to handle the situation.
  • Efficient analytical skill is required to swiftly pick problems relating to a given vehicle, and acting out the solution.
  • Possess a good balance and cleanliness of workspace, and arranging of tools for easy access and forestalling unnecessary work hazard.
  • Performed regular vehicle maintenance tasks; oil changes, lubrication and tune-ups
  • Must possess the required educational qualification, backed up by experience to serve in the capacity of an auto technician efficiently.

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