Art Teacher Job Description Sample

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This art teacher job description sample includes the list of most important art teacher’s tasks, skills, and responsibilities. 

Today, there are so many children and young adults who are interested in art, but who need someone to help them with deep appreciation and understanding. As an art teacher, it is up to you to work with young people to help them complete their talents, learn about different art forms and forms of art, and enable them to understand the true beauty of art.

Elementary school art teachers teach young people, usually aged 5-12, basic artistic principles and technologies while promoting creative expression and artistic ability. These specialized primary school teachers work out and implement lesson plans for art techniques and art history.

The art teacher is responsible for developing the interest and skill of each student creative expression visually using artistic expression skills and techniques that are in line with the school regulations.



Elementary school art teachers should obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited teacher education program. Common degrees include Bachelor of Arts Education.

License: To qualify for a license, candidates must pass an examination that certifies reading and writing skills, teaching methods and artistic knowledge. Private schools may not require a license. Countries also provide special licenses for people who have acquired a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.


  • Enjoy working with children and young people
  • Artistic talent
  • Be enthusiastic and able to motivate and encourage others
  • Good communication skills
  • High level of creative and organizational skills
  • Patience and tolerance.
  • Back up

Art Teacher Job Description – Work conditions

Most art teachers work in private and state schools. They are expected to work hours for additional hours, participate in staff meetings and manage administrative tasks such as labeling and writing reports. Teachers of all disciplines (including art) should also participate in regular professional courses.


  • Instruct elementary age students in art
  • Knowledgeably use different teaching methods and resources for his area of specialization.
  • Communicate with students and get feedback from them in ways that improve student learning and understanding.
  • Understand the principles of student growth, development and learning, and apply them appropriately.
  • Use student assessment methods and procedures.
  • Manage the educational environment in a way that encourages positive student behavior and is safe and healthy the environment.
  • Recognize the diversity of students and create a supportive atmosphere for positive student advancement participation and self-reasons.
  • Show willingness to investigate and apply changes as needed.
  • Work effectively with colleagues, parents and community members.
  • Adapt professional requirements and responsibilities.
  • Follow the paraprofessionals assigned to your classroom.
  • Adhere to ethical obligations to the professional conduct of educational practice standards and Code of Ethics.
  • Complete other tasks that immediate supervisor and/or Supreme Council deems necessary.
  • Provide students with perfect and modern information in a way that enhances student learning.
  • Good time management.
  • Cooperation with the administration, parents and co-workers.
  • Create a positive atmosphere and organize the classroom’s physical environment for optimal learning.
  • Prepare for guidance and provide written evidence of preparation.
  • Take precautionary measures to protect equipment, materials and equipment.
  • Maintain accurate and complete documentation according to the requirements of the school district and report on progress or lack of it

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