Accounting Assistant Resume Sample

Interesting Accounting Assistant Resume Sample

Here is a sample of accounting assistant resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a general accountant.


Accounting assistant provides administrative assistant/support to the accountants, in carrying out clerical tasks such as typing, filing, dispatching of account report to various department offices, handling mail and basic bookkeeping. An Accounting Assistant is working directly for the account manager or finance manager (or a small team of them), accounts assistants help to maintain the office and keeps it running smoothly. Verifies financial documentation and reviews payment transaction and procedures, seeks authorization approval as required. Also assist in organizing the accounting system of the Company to record and estimate the cost of business activities necessary for the Company’s operations on basis of continues improving the system and following the Ordinance on Statistics.

Previous experience in accounting is definitely necessary, as an Accounts Assistant, must have standardized computer skills with strong Microsoft Word and Excel skills are an absolute must.

Accounting Skills for Resume

  • The ability to balance a number of conflicting demands.
  • Reasonable word processing skills.
  • A polite cheerful attitude, particularly when meeting clients.
  • The ability to learn quickly and adapt to (often complex) in-house systems.
  • The ability to concentrate on one task for long periods of time.
  • A genuine interest in business and finance.
  • Computer literacy and the ability to use various specialist applications proficiently i.e. Microsoft Office.
  • A willingness to undertake professional development.

Accounting Assistant Resume Example

[Street, City, Stаtе, Ziр] | [Phоnе] [Emаil Addrеѕѕ]


Degree qualified, dedicated and skilled assistant accountant, with comprehensive knowledge of all financial business operations. A strong communicator, works well in teams to contribute efforts to produce desired outcomes, following instructions carefully and with precision. Boast excellent reconciliation abilities, with a clear understanding of taxation and other legislation relevant to business accounting as well as valuable Information Technology skills to support the application of financial management knowledge.


Accounting Assistant, ABC company. New Jersey. (2009 – Present)

  • Perform accounting documents auditing such as invoices, bills and reimbursement claims
  • Create routine correction to documents.
  • Arrange document into batches according to data processing requirements.
  • Provided Bank reconciliation and made deposit.
  • Create and keep manual account records of individual transaction such as financial cards and ledger cards.
  • Create all report for management evaluation.
  • Identify payment type and relevant account information.
  • Notify bank representatives of accounts errors.

Accounting Assistant, Supermarket, Riverhead, New York (2003-2008)

  • Assist account Personnel during tax season to trace high-risk fraudulent employee activities for all store locations
  • Assisted the account team to reduce cycle time to 28 days from a 45 days status with improved financial performance by 8%. This achievement was mainly due To streamlined amount receivable ledger which generated timely management information to aid collecting efforts
  • Help facilitating aggressive export development drive by introducing cost plus basis price strategies to penetrate new markets.



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